Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to Split Your Money - Money Wisdom from Li Ka-Shing

  How did Sir Li Ka-Shing manage his money, even when all he had was RMB 2,000?
  How should you behave when you're poor? How about when you're rich?

  In this post is an infograph summary of financial management wisdom from the richest man in Asia (according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index) - a business magnate, investor and philanthropist from Hong Kong.

  From the above, it is clear the importance Li Ka-Shing places on improving himself (through self-improvement), expanding himself (through expanding his social network) and enriching himself (through investing).

  According to Li Ka-Shing, a person in poverty should be good to others - throw yourself into the open and let others make use of you. Be thrifty but when you spend money, spend money where others can see it by footing the bill - buy meals for people with bigger dreams and work harder than you. Make good use of your time to learn and think.

  When a person becomes rich, it is time to conserve himself well and not get easily made use of by others. Do not be seen as a spendthrift. Once your livelihood is secure, spread your wings and pursue your dreams.


  Splitting your money is a way of allocating your resources towards building relations and developing oneself, paving the way for opportunities. Beyond allocating your resources, there are key traits that define millionaires that allow them to rise above the rest - these are the Average Joes who, based on frugality and discipline in lifestyle, have managed to become "Average Millionaire Joes"

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