Hello, my name is 書 ("Shuu"), which means "Book" and my objective of this blog is to share knowledge on personal finance. 

  Since a long time ago, my goal has been to be wealthy and financially independent, not because I want to live in a humongous house with fancy cars, but because I want to be able to afford all that and more, if that makes any sense.


  Anyhow, there are many books on personal finance and investments out there which offer a myriad of money management tips and advise which may or may not work and between a busy life and a busy life, there really isn't much time for each and every one of us to pore over pages and pages of material which may or may not be useful. Hence, in the spirit of sharing (or general efficiency), I hope to share summaries of usful personal finance books online. 


  In my posts, I summarise the key points and include additional posts and infographs on relevant topics to help break down the information into relevant, digestible pieces. If you find the key points useful or relevant to your lives, I will be glad for you to share the posts. 

  Please note that these take up my time and I do not charge for any of them. Hence, please reference related posts and infographs.


  Affiliate links to product pages have been included in my posts which, at no additional cost to you, will earn me a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please only make a purchase if you feel the product will be useful to you. 

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